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Cross-registering at Olin - Mar 2016

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I was born in Mobile, Alabama and grew up in Tennessee.

I got my start in design through drawing as a kid. In high school, my interest in drawing morphed into interests in graphic design and photography. In college, my passion for design In my business courses at Babson College I was introduced to “design thinking” as a method for creative problem-solving. I later cross-registered to neighboring Olin College where I studied and practiced design more intensely. In my final semester at Babson I planned and instructed a half-semester course on design called By Design. In August of 2016 I began my career as a Product Designer at Facebook on the Profile team.

Tidbits - Little Things Matter

With Jared Silver, Jyotistka Biswas

Tidbits is helps you remember little things about the people who matter to you.

Tidbits was inspired by the realization that forgetting details about someone does not mean that you do not care about them, but remembering those things is a simple and powerful way to show that you do.

Tidbits is great for: meeting new people, starting school, joining a team, professional networking events, moving to a new city, or running a small business.


Project site
Course Project, 2015
With Tom Chen, Bonnie Ishiguro, and Emily Wang

Caravan helps big groups of people conduct carpools.

Caravan enables group coordinators, drivers, and riders to easily arrange themselves in a carpool. The app also facilitates communication between the group to help the carpool operate smoothly.

Caravan was designed as a course project for Human Factors in Interface Design at Olin College in the Fall of 2015.

Credits to the Noun Project for the icons.